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Its all a part of growing up… 

We all grow up hearing how sleeping beauty wakes up kissing her prince charming and Cinderella ends up living happily ever after👰. 

But what about ourselves? 

Does a fairy tale with a prince charming and a god mother exist in reality? Someone like Edward Cullen , does he come in reality, with the promise of loving us for a thousand years? 

Well, novels and stories tell their own tale. Reality is, we grow up when our own little fairy tale ends up with a..umm..not so happy ending.😉

We end up, falling for a not so perfect guy, with a hope of setting all right through our love , because​ after all its love that matters;we choose our path, stumble in the way, fall, and rise up again.

Betrayals, broken promises, teenage tears, a broken heart– that’s all a part of growing up.

And of course, that’s important, ’cause all throughout these little things, life teaches us lessons which could never be pried from books , we learn a lot, from our mistakes, from our past and that’s how things go on.
 Life moves on,time passes and with it, heals all pain. 

Well, for me, my fairy tale is over. I grew up with all these,fell on my knees, got scratches, bled and then, rose up again , with a hope to find love again.

‘Cause who knows, what more has He –up above, sitting there, has got for me….😜